Monday, January 11, 2010

Plasma applet development: adding icons micro-HOWTO

The introduction to Plasma applet development on the KDE TechBase site describes the contents of CMakeLists.txt file used for compilation  and installation of a plasmoid. The installation of corresponding icon(s) is not covered there.

Actually, the process is rather simple

  1. Create an icon, or an icon set
  2. Name icon file(s) correctly
  3. Add an icon reference to the .desktop file
  4. Put an installation line to CMakeLists.txt
  5. Run cmake && make && sudo make install

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inside Ruby 1.9 interpreter: Threading in Ruby 1.9.1

Ruby 1.9 implements Thread objects with native OS threads. There is always a native thread allocated behind the scenes when an instance of Thread class appears in Ruby program. But there is a twist: actually at most one Ruby thread is allowed to run at any given time during program execution.
Ruby multi-threading programs will not gain real advantage when executed on multi-core CPUs.