Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plasma Applet Development Walk-through


Episode 2: Qt Creator Steps In


This article opens (yes, with episode 2) a series of mini-howtos describing various actions related to the development of custom plasma (KDE4 desktop) components (applets/data engines) in C++. Some of the information presented could be found elsewhere; other bits are almost trivial. If you are a programmer new to KDE4 development as I am, these articles may be of some help. The main idea is to show how purely technical stuff could be accomplished in some reasonable way without heavy thinking and head-scratching. Developer should focus on the stuff that is essential for his/her project: architecture, code structure, usability, documentation etc.

I am currently using Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) distribution with KDE 4.4 and Qt Creator 1.3.1; I believe my description should need only minor modifications if any at all for other distros.

Choosing the destination

We have our plasmoid project initialized and populated with .desktop, .cpp, and CmakeLists.txt files. Now is the time for compile-run-modify interactive development cycle.